Theatrical Costume Rentals

We have a large line of theatrical costumes, please check our theatre costume rentals page for information on our services. We strive to work within your budget to supply top quality theatrical costume rentals for a reasonable price.

High quality theatre costume rentals for:
Beauty and the Beast Costumes
Alice In Wonderland Costumes
Little Orphan Annie Costumes
Thoroughly Modern Millie Costumes
Little Mermaid Costumes
Lion King Costumes
Spamalot Monty Python Costumes

And many more..

Beauty and the Beast Costume Rentals

Be sure to check out our Beauty and the Beast costume rentals!!

Our Beauty and the Beast Costumes are of the highest quality and are the most spectacular Beauty and the Beast Costumes you can rent anywhere. We consider them Broadway quality and our customers agree. This is our #1 show and with good reason.

Little Mermaid Costume Rentals

Be sure to check out our Little Mermaid costume rentals!!
We have recently custom made the entire Little Mermaid Show. These costumes are AMAZING! With the same high quality and brilliant artistic designs that made our Beauty and the Beast costumes so popular your show will be the talk of the town with these costumes. An incredible variety of Sea Creatures. Very HOT show, call and book Now!

Shrek Musical Costume Rentals

Please check out our Shrek Musical costume rentals!!
All the characters are available.  Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Lord Farquaad, Gingerbread Man, a top-notch Dragon and many more.  These costumes are sure to make your show a huge success.

Lion King Theater Costume Rentals

Please check out our Lion King Musical costume rentals!!
You will L-O-V-E out Lion King costume rentals.  Simba, Scar, Mufasa, Timon and Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu and many more including a wonderful variety of other plains animals.

High Quality Costumes and Top Notch Service

At Costume Gallery we make all our theatrical costumes from scratch with high quality materials and inventive designs that make shipping costumes to you and back a breeze.  Our entire process consists of a few emails and our detailed packing slip make it a cinch for you to organize your costumes.  We strive to make working with us an easy, care-free experience.  The last thing you want to worry about with your production is the timeliness and quality of your costumes.  Get your theatrical production costumes from us and

-Claire Renaud, President, Costume Gallery LLC

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